Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Ode to Strawman

Tangible world, I exalt thy truth
To me you are as Earth's part in vermouth

You bear the flavor, the zest, the aroma
I strive for thou like my college diploma

You're real, direct, you stay on track
Never with the diversionary attack

But now, what ho, the debate turned intense
And suddenly I'm Cole from the Sixth Sense

I see them dead, indeed, but that's not all
My lovely real world is now filled with straw

I turn left and right-- it's falling like rain
Yet the way you berate him seems inhumane

With gusto you strike and the strawman drops
You stomp him eight times then give yourself props

I swim through his remains to call to you
But you're intent on some rad deja vu

In ten seconds flat the strawman's rebuilt
Laughing maniacally, you grasp your hilt

With two hands held tight, you thrust your sword
Leaving no piece of straw unexplored

You declare yourself winner, infinity plus
Like there's really nothing left to discuss

As I pick pieces of straw out of my hair
I wonder to what extent you're unaware

The issues at hand await recognition
Perhaps you can't see them from that position

Ah, yes, here we go, you approach so near
The look in your eyes seems real sincere

Oh tangible world, you returned to me
To the core of the matter, my sweet pea

But betrayal shocks quick, a slap in the face
Bam! Each piece of straw is back in its place

The zombie hoard moans, claws, bites at his head
Yeah, I'm gonna go watch Firefly instead.